What If Your Blessings Come Through Raindrops?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

This song "Blessings" has absolutely blessed my SOUL all day today. I first heard it recently, but not enough of the lyrics to find the songwriter...until today.  My best friend Lanie and I spent the day together shopping and enjoying coffee and sweet fellowship.  Lanie is an ovarian cancer survivor for over a year now.  The song came on the radio today in her car and I said, "that's the song I've been looking for."  She told me how it had ministered to her in her deepest moments of need the past year and a half. I pray it ministers to you too.  This young woman is gifted and you can tell she writes from a deep place.  She is also the writer of "Mighty to Save."  Her name is Laura Story and her "story" is full of God's grace.
'Blessings' - it's one of those songs that unexpectedly touches listeners in their deepest need,"
says Wally Dekker from WBFJ-FM in Greensboro. "Laura Story's simple delivery of such a
poignant message provides instant connection. If you want a song that elicits response,
please consider. If you want a song that will touch hearts for eternity, it's a must add."

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fuzzytop said...

This is such a beautiful song- it is blessing me in a difficult time right now. Thanks for posting this! I also love her song "Grace" on her CD "Great God who Saves". Have you heard that one?

Love and hugs,

Leah @ Point Ministries said...

It is a beautiful song. Laura's own story is amazing. Her grandmother lives just a few miles from me.

Georgia Jan said...

Adrienne & Leah - I love that you both already knew about Laura and her music and you even know of her family, Leah! That just validates her testimony to me even more. I know this - God has sure used her music to encourage and bless my heart this weekend.

Blessings to you two siestas!

Village Sister said...

I am singing this in my church this morning! :D
I was touched by it when I discovered it several weeks ago as I was agonizing in prayer with my best friend who's just been diagnosed with cancer. It echoes something God placed in my heart nearly 12 yrs. ago in the early months of my suffering/grief after He called my daughter home.
Like Laura, He gave me a voice I didn't have before and I use it every chance I get to share Him.

How wonderful of Him to have me check in on your blog this morning just in time to be encouraged through you before I sing. :) He does that fairly often, Jan. Thanks for your sweet spirit & your 'voice'.
Much love,
Pam ♥

Teena in Toronto said...

Happy blogoversary :)



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