UPDATE: Valentine's Day and Plan B!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

UPDATE: My daughter-in-love came home from the hospital and she said my son is taking good care of her and Zeke and for that I am most grateful. God is so good to me.

UPDATE: My sweet daughter-in-love is in the hospital and may be there through Thursday - she is a sick young woman - and has a serious case of pneumonia! PRAY FOR HEALING! I am going over to keep Zeke today and tomorrow at their house. Love y'all -

I have spent the entire day - today - Valentine's Day - with my new love...Zeke, my 6 month old grandson! I call it "Plan B" for Blessings and for Boys! Blessings because I am so blessed to be Gran Jan, and BOYS, for you see - I am the momma of his daddy - the mother of boys, the grandmother of a boy...hence, Plan B! (I wrote an earlier post about this a while back.)

Plan B was put into action early this morning when my first-born son called and asked me to come get Zeke for the day. He had to study some more for his sermon tomorrow because he has been sick this week, and his wife, my daughter-in-love is also very sick (on the verge of pneumonia) and needed to rest. I had a BLAST with Plan B today - we played, we read the story of Jonah from the Bible Story Book, we rocked, we sang songs, we took several naps, I fed him 3 times - and we bonded. So on this day, Zeke's first Valentine's Day of his little life, I was able to spend the whole day with him. I am so thankful - God is good, and God is Love - perfect love. The purest and sweetest love of all is because of Jesus, and for that I am thankful as I celebrate this day of LOVE.

Blessings, boys, bonding... Grateful Gran Jan

What Are Little Boys Made Of?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I'll tell you this, there are no "snips and snails and puppy dog tails" with this little bundle of blessings! He is pure delight to me! I kept Zeke for a while around noon today so my son could take his wife, my daughter-in-love, out to lunch...he is sweet that way. My husband set a good example and for that I am so thankful, he's a sweetheart too. I pray Zeke will grow up to be sweet too - I believe he will because his parents are committed to raising him up in the Lord. He is a delightful baby and I wanted to share some updated pictures of my grandboy. Indulgent, yes - but hey...I'm Gran Jan!!!



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