Saturday, February 27, 2010

When we moved to the country almost three years ago, I hoped for three things in my new home...a library/study of my own, a big country kitchen so all the family could gather around, and a big pantry!  Well, I was blessed with all of the above, but today I wanted to share pantry pictures. This has been a place of fascination for Gran Jan's Joy, my little Zeke to play!  It helps that he knows the cookies are in there, and now he goes after them. He is 18 months old now and he loves to climb!
He knows exactly where to find the animal cookies!

He needs a little help with the lid...

But has no problem reaching inside for a handful...

And then he actually puts the cookies away!
What a good boy!

All that searching for animal crackers has stirred up Zeke's appetite, so G-Daddy took him outside to check out the John Deere tractor...  As our son (Zeke's father) says, "Nothing runs like a Deere except maybe an 18 month old..."  It took a while to find a tractor that fit, much like Goldilocks in the story of "The Three Bears."

Here's the Papa Bear Tractor, and it is way too big!

Next is the Mama Bear Tractor and it's not quite right either...

But then we find the Baby Bear Tractor, and it is just right!
This little tractor is close to 30 years old and it belonged to Zeke's daddy and also his Uncle Jonathan!  We hope it brings as much joy to the grands as it did to our sons.

Life is good on the farm with Gran Jan's boys...


Monday, February 15, 2010

DELIGHTFUL WEEKEND! I have enjoyed so much this past weekend!  Special time with my family as we celebrated special events of our lives together, and the beautiful snow that is so rare for our area. So this morning, I am thanking God for some more Gran Jan's JOY!  (These delights are in no particular order...they are ALL joyful.)

Delight #1: Winter Wonder ~ We don't have snow 'round these parts very often - and definitely not of the magnitude that we enjoyed this past Friday.  There is something so peaceful about the clean and pristine white snow.  The rarity of this event made it quite a delightful winter wonder for all of us. 
Our driveway - Double M Farms
My parents live next door.
(My maiden and married names - M's)

Pecan grove

Oak trees line the driveway (I love this so much!)

Side view of my front porch - a happy place to spend time

Single cardinal in the birch tree, the
view from my kitchen window

Delight #2: Zeke finally said Gran Jan - clearly! Not "ga-ga" or something two-syllable sounding as he has been doing, but he said "GRAN JAN!" I went to babysit him for a little while Friday morning and as I was leaving, he patted his mommy and said "Mama," then pointed to my son and sad "daddy," then tapped my arm and said "Gran Jan!"  I was so tickled.  I have been waiting for this day!

Delight #3: Our other two grandbabies are on the way in May and the girls took another picture this weekend to show their progress!  If you look closely, you can see the babies' genders on their tee-shirts.  Erin (daughter-in-love on the right) made these shirts as a surprise.  (Go here to read all about that.)  Carrie (daughter-in-love on the left) is having a girl! See the flowers showing? Erin is having a boy! See the sports balls showing? They did not plan this, but Erin pointed it out when she sent me the pictures - I love it!

Delight #4: Today is my husband's birthday.  I have celebrated many birthdays with this man, and each one is more special - each celebration of life makes me so grateful for the man God gave me to be my husband.  I love Gary more than ever - he is my best friend, he takes good care of me, he loves our family and he is a man of great integrity. He is a true man of God - at home, at church, and in the community - and that makes me respect him all the more.

Counting my blessings today, and loving Jesus with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength!

Gazillion Georgia Gals at Books a Million to see Beth Moore!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

My friend Cindy and I trekked (I actually drove) through the cold rain yesterday afternoon to go see my friend Beth Moore at the "Books a Million" in Peachtree City, Georgia.  There were so many women there it should have been called "Books a Gazillion." Beth was kind and gracious to all gazillion of them and she signed books for 3 solid hours...she was precious!

The gazillion gals were there to have Beth sign their copies of her newest release, So Long, Insecurity (you've been a bad friend to us) and I'm sure to also hug her sweet neck and tell her how much the LORD has used her ministry in their lives.  Now, not all gazillion gals at Books a Million actually told me this face to face (about a billion did), but trust me, I know that's why they were there! 

Because that's why I was there...
Beth's wonderful and extraordinarily capable assistant, Michelle, gave the security guy the "nod," so I was allowed to get "behind the barricade" to talk to Bethie.  I actually surprised her and it was so much fun! I wanted to support her because that's what friends do.  Support.each.other.

So, if you haven't yet done so, go get yourself a copy of So Long, Insecurity, and join in the on-line discussion reading group at the Living Proof Ministries blog.  I believe the sign up is this coming Tuesday.  Go here some time on Tuesday February 9th to get the details. Don't be insecure, just do it...you will love it. Trust me.

You can also go to Amazon to get your copy! It won't be nearly as much fun as going to the store and hugging the author's neck, but it will have to suffice for now. Okay?
Blessings to you all,
Georgia Jan



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