A Birthday Quilt for Beth

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I wanted to do something very special this year for Beth Moore's birthday. God has used Beth to teach, encourage, and equip me as a pastor's wife, as a mom, and as a woman for the past 13 years...  I could never repay her or thank her, but I wanted to try.  A few months ago my bff Lanie and I attended a beginning quilting class together.  We had a blast! I did not win any "best of class" awards, but I discovered that I really loved quilting.  So I decided to make a quilt for Beth for her birthday. It is flawed just like me, but I somehow knew that Beth wouldn't mind my mistakes. She's the real deal.

Here I am in class at the quilt shop (the shop is called A Scarlet Thread  and is owned by Christians). Beth's quilt pattern is called "Take 5" because there are 5 coordinating fabrics and each fabric is in the block in five varying positions throughout the quilt.  I think that's what the instructor said...remember, I am a beginner.
Here are the five different fabrics in the quilt.  I sent an email to Nancy Mattingly (I met her at the So Long Insecurity Conference and LOVED her) at Living Proof Ministries to ask her what colors Beth liked...and she said "pink."  So I bought fabric that had lots of pink!  The material is called "In the Garden." (Now there's a subject I know and love, gardening!) But I did have a blast learning to quilt. It's just hard for me to be still that long.
My sweet husband set up tables for me in our living room so I could lay the quilt out to baste and get ready to quilt...there is a label on the back with a note from me for Beth!
It wishes sweet Beth a Happy Birthday and reminds her that she is "covered in His love."
Here is the Birthday Girl and her beautiful office manager Sabrina Moore, holding up the quilt. Beth was sweet enough to let me know that she had received her quilt. (In fact both Sabrina & Evangeline at LPM went out of the way to let me know the quilt had arrived. Beth's staff serve with hearts of gold!) I hope that every time she snuggles for a nap or takes some Sabbath rest, Beth will feel just how much I love her! God has used her ministry to bless me, and I have attempted to bless other women as I serve in women's ministry at my church out of the overflow of His grace in my life. 

I am so thankful that we are all covered in His love!  Happy Birthday Bethie! :)

With God As Our Partner

Saturday, June 11, 2011

It takes a groom, it takes a bride,
two people standing side by side.
It takes a ring and vows that say,
"this is our happy wedding day."
But marriage vows are sanctified
and loving hearts are unified
when standing with the bride and groom,
unseen by others in the room
the Spirt of the LORD is there
to bless this happy bridal pair.
For God is love and married life
is richer for both man and wife
when God becomes a partner too
in everything we say and do.
And every home is specially blessed
when God is made our daily guest.
For married folks who pray together are
happy folks who stay together.
For when God's love becomes a part
of body, mind, and soul and heart,
our love becomes a wondrous blending
that is both eternal and unending.
And God looks down and says, "well done"
for now we two are truly one!
(by Helen Steiner Rice)

Gary Timothy Morton wed Pamela Jan Maloy
June 11, 1977
Highland Park Baptist Church
Conyers, Georgia

34 years ago today!

1,000 GIFTS, #189

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My life has been blessed with many gifts this week. (One in particular is going to need a blog post all its own. I'm processing it slowly because it has happened that way...slowly over the past few months as God has been gently healing my heart and teaching me some truths by the power of His Word.)  But on this late night Multitude Monday, I want to dedicate this post to only ONE GIFT from the past week. It needs to stand alone. A GIFT SO WONDERFUL THAT IT WILL CHANGE A LIFE FOREVER.

My husband and I have taught a class at our church for many years now. It is a Bible study/Sunday School class for prospective church members, a covenant membership class called "Second Life."  Many people come and go through the class.  But this past Sunday was absolutely wonderful...

#189.  Yesterday morning a young girl about 20 years old arrived early before anyone else. I was talking to some friends and as they were leaving, she asked us, "is this where the class meets for people interested in this church?"  We welcomed her and told her she was in exactly the right place and then I had her sign in and gave her the book we use for the four-week class.

A few minutes later my husband came in and we started chatting with Caitlyn. She had been coming to church as a guest of another young woman for about 2 months, and was playing church softball.  As Gary began teaching the content of "Week 1" which includes  doctrinal teaching and the truths of salvation, I noticed how Caitlyn was listening so intently. She then began talking and told us about the girls on the softball team sharing their "stories and their moments," (testimonies) and then she simply said the most beautiful thing...
"That's what I want, I want my own moment
with Jesus, I want a story too."
That statement opened the door and became the most natural and wonderful opportunity to share with this young woman the timeless truths of God's plan of salvation.  It was obvious that someone has been planting and watering the seeds and that Gary and I were just blessed to be there for the ripe harvest. We shared from God's Word with her - we talked about salvation and God's plan. We talked about sin and separation from God.  She understood - she was ready to get it settled down and taken care of right then.  So she prayed and asked Christ to be her Lord & Savior. 

My gift of seeing Caitlyn receive THE GREATEST GRACE GIFT of all was so wonderful, so marvelous.  To be there with my husband as he ministered the Word to her was a blessing to my heart. I'm so thankful to serve a church where God's Word is taught and believers are strengthened and trained and non believers learn the basic truths of the Bible as they seek a church to call home.

I know that her friends had been praying for her for a long time and using the avenue of church softball to reach her. It was absolutely God-ordained for us to be in the right place at just the right time to put into practice I Peter 3:15 - always be ready with an answer! 
I Corinthians 3:7
So then neither the one who plants nor
the one who waters is anything,
 but God who causes the growth.

Thank you for taking the time to read this...my blessing to witness this young woman receive the gift of eternal life...I count it ALL GRACE!

In His Name,
Mrs. Jan 



1,000 GIFTS

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