Prayer Priority and the Practice Thereof

Saturday, March 28, 2009

As the wife of a minister I am often asked "Will you pray for...?” I'm sure many of you in the family of faith receive requests for prayer as well. This has been on my mind of late, even more so as my church is going through an intense 40 days of prayer and fasting emphasis - asking God for revival.

I'm thankful when someone asks me to intercede in prayer. I am blessed to pray for them and with them, and grateful to be part of what God is doing. (I love to pray right then and there - in grocery stores, in the hall at church, over the phone, in a car, wherever - it is marvelous.) I know I have much to learn, but the power and privilege of prayer blesses me so - and I wanted to share about that on this very rainy day here in Georgia.

Besides trying to stay in an attitude of prayer, I have a way that I organize my prayers so that I have a prayer focus each day. Be assured I am not bound by this, but it helps me stay focused and fruitful. I get off track just like we all do, but I always go back to this pattern. I started this prayer plan close to 20 years ago and first got the idea from a book by Emilie Barnes.

Daily: My husband, sons, daughters-in-law, grandson, my sisters and their husbands/kids, and the other pastors/wives at my church

Sunday: My husband as worship leader, my son who is a pastor, my other son who leads worship, and my pastor and other church leaders, our choir and orchestra, the deacons, Sunday School teachers, and God bless the nursery workers

Monday: Extended family

Tuesday: Leadership - Ministry leaders, Missionaries, Political leaders, my doctors and dentist

Wednesday: Those sick, bereaved and with special needs

Thursday: My list of those needing salvation

Friday: ME - specific things in my own life, goals, needs

Saturday: Whatever is on my heart - and also a good time to just read my Bible longer since I don't have to go to work

Also, here are some ideas about praying for others:
  • If possible, pray right then! I've NEVER had someone say no when I've asked, "may we pray right now?
  • Write down the prayer request and transfer it to your prayer journal.
  • When God wakes you up in the middle of the night - PRAY! :) Because I am easily distracted and I know the enemy of souls does not want me praying, I keep a pad on my nightstand and in my prayer chair and if my mind wanders...I jot down what is interrupting me, and get back to praying.
One of life's greatest joys is seeing God answer prayer. As Oswald Chambers says, "Prayer is the greater work." I would love to hear from y'all - do you have any prayer practices to share?
Love & Prayers, Jan

12 Responses:

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

A great post and something that has been on my heart often I tell someone I am praying for them and how OFTEN I forget.

Thanks for the giving me a plan.


L84sky said...

Hi. I am a new reader to your blog. I just found it a while back...
I try to pray during my quite time (aka the tanning bed), and usually pray for my family, church members and bible study prayer request lists and other routine things. I pray at night in my bed for the next day's schedule and for peace and rest and safety. I will admit sometimes this type of prayer seems routine and predictable. But, for me it keeps me on track. Some of my most intimate and "real" praying comes throughout the day. I just talk to God as he was right there beside me. I talk to him about mopping, driving, the weather, whatever. And I praise praise praise him whenever I get the chance. I do like your idea for systematic praying based on the day. I might give that a try!!

Yolanda said...

This was so cool, thank you for allowing us into a part of your own life. Would you share wtih us as well, as to how you do your quiet time, when, where, how, etc.


Lots of love,

The Things We Do said...

as a pastor's wife also, this is close to my heart. As a result I created a special prayer journal for our family. Eventually, I decided to sell them because I had so many requests for them. If anyone is interested, they could check them out here

I enjoy reading your blog as you are the pastor's wife of a husband in the same ministry role as mine! I appreciate your example to me! Thank you!

Fran said...

Hey Jan...
Since its 3 am I think I'll be praying before I try to get back to bed.:)

I, too, love to pray and here lately I feel that I have been in serious prayer mode.

I'm praying for you, your husband, and your church right now.
What a true gift you are.

rachelw said...

I wake up often throughout the night and I find that those are the best times for me to's the only time in the day that I don't get interrupted by other things. Thank you for sharing your "prayer plan" I think it's a fabulous idea to have specific things to pray for each day, and I'm planning on implementing it in my prayer life.

HisTreasuredPossession said...

What wonderful groundwork to pray more faithfully! Thank you Jan!

Patty said...

Hi my sweet Jan!
Prayer is my life. Truly consumes me as a calling on my life of intercession and it can be at different times of the day or night.

I think the best thing that works for me is that I pray for family and friends and urgent prayer requests daily but most times I get my journal and ask the Holy Spirit to lay on my heart who I need to pray for and what to pray.

I like your plan and thank you for sharing with us!

I have an email to write you. Thank you for praying for me!
Love you,

godsgal said...

Thanks for sharing your ideas... I'm always looking for ways to be more effective in my prayer life. I pray alot each morning when driving to work. I'm always listening to praise music and it's one of the few times I'm alone during the day. People riding by may think I'm talking to myself, by who cares?

I also try to write down the names of those needing prayer that are mentioned at different church meetings. It's an excellent way for me to remember all of the needs, especially if it's someone who specifically asked for prayer from me.

Thanks for sharing with us!

luv2lace1983 said...

A few years ago, I picked up a plan for praying for missionaries. I've since adapted it to my own way of thinking...
You use your fingers. The thumb represents those who help to hold things together, so I remember to pray for the family and friends of the missionary. The pointing finger reminds to pray for those who point the way...missionary evangelists. The tall finger represents those in leadership, so I pray for those in positions of authority in our Mission Organizations. The ring finger (weakest they say) reminds me to pray for the little ones...the children and those who are ill. and the little finger reminds me that there are no insignificant people doing His pray for those who may be feeling particularly alone or left out.
I'm sure this could be adapted for the church as well, but I use it for my missionary prayers.

Love you!
Debbie (in Jacksonville)

Georgia Jan said...

I love every one of you - what great responses!

Prayer is such a privilege and our source of POWER and STRENGTH!

God is at work all around us and you bloggers are so much encouragement!

Love y'all!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

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