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Sunday, March 8, 2009

These are the pictures from our "Second Annual Family Picnic" a.k.a. "The Crab Fest" because my Dad serves crab legs and shrimp and all the fixins. It began to celebrate our nephew's World Series win in the American Little League!
The Dessert Table...see my Trifle (recipe in last post!)
My Dad, the "King Crab!" Crablegs and Shrimp on the Grill! Cousins! My Three Gorgeous Nieces!
Papaw, Grandmama and the Grands
The Broccoli Slaw has arrived... Relaxing by the firepit at the pond...
The Picnic ends as the sun sets...it was a great day for our family.

5 Responses:

Yolanda said...

I want to join YOU at the firepit!

Patty said...

Now that is what I call a picnic. Crab legs, I love crab legs! What a beautiful place for a picnic!! I am glad God blessed you all with a pretty day and a family get -together!

Have a blessed Monday!

Sista Staci said...

Hey Jan!
I made the truffle to take to my Esther study group this morning. I'll try and get pictures of the "Sistas" enjoying it!
Have a blessed day with JESUS, my friend!

Sista Staci

TammieFay said...

2 more days....I'm so ready! I'm going to email you my cell number. I plan to be at Two Rivers by 4. Give me a call so we can plan to meet. I can't wait!

Holly said...

That sunset picture speaks peace to me! Mmmmm.

Love the way you LOVE your family!! I want to be just like you. And I want to pass down the godly heritage of faith and family, like you do, Jan.



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