Beth Moore and 1,200 Ministers' Wives!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

This past weekend me (my husband is our Worship Pastor) and three of the other ministers' wives (Senior Pastor, Adult Education, and Recreation) from my church trekked to Nashville, TN for the Living Proof Live Event for Ministers' Wives at Two Rivers Baptist Church. We also attended the pre-conference event on Thursday evening and Friday morning too. The breakout sessions and Q&A panel time was so good! I attended "Laugh a Little for Crying Out Loud," "Balancing Act," and "Armed and Dangerous." They were so good, and very applicable!
Then on Friday evening, we could hardly wait for Beth's teaching and the music from Travis and the Praise Team and band! On Saturday morning we did a "hymn sing," and it was M-A-R-V-E-L-O-U-S. Beth went around the church and asked the women to tell where they were from and what hymn they would like to sing. Some of them were "Blessed Assurance," "What a Friend We Have in Jesus," "Redeemed," "Come Thou Fount," and "I'll Fly Away!" It was so beautiful to hear all the ladies voices blending together.
Beth with her pink boxing gloves - ready to "FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT!
These are my notes from Beth's sessions. She taught from Galatians and ENCOURAGED us beyond measure! She gave us 6 "Aggravations" and 6 "Alternatives," each with 6 words...
1. Aggravation: Ministry by default. Life long misfit. Alternative: Chosen by God. Have holy fit. 2. Aggravation: Seek Their Approval. Become Their Slave. Alternative: Seek God's Approval. Find Your Peace! 3. Aggravation: Work With People. Expect Titanic Problems. Alternative: Choose to Trust. Not to Rust. 4. Aggravation: Trade Your Bondage. Keep Your Chains. Alternative: Don't Ignore. Get Restored. Then Restore.
5. Aggravation: Sow the Flesh. Reap the Dregs. Alternative: Sow the Spirit. Reap the Life. 6. Aggravation: Lose What Counts. Watch Misery Mount. Alternative: Keep the King the Thing - JESUS!
There was a very special moment that humbled my heart. Toward the end of the event on Saturday morning, Beth asked me to come down and voice a prayer on behalf of all the ministers' wives for the widow of the slain Rev. Fred Winters who was killed in his pulpit last Sunday, March 8th. To have 1,200 other pastors' wives all praying together for our sister, Cindy Winters, was a memory that will stay with me for a very long time. May God continue to bless and comfort Cindy and her daughters and meet their every need.
And lastly, here are some Ministers' Wives SIESTAS!!! Amy W., me, Tammie Fay, and Kristi B!
Much love,
Georgia Jan

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WendyB said...

Jan, it was a pleasure to meet you and KristiB last weekend. What a blessed time it was.

Yolanda said...

What a blessing you and the other ministry wives are to US in Siesta Land.

Love ya!

happymcfamily said...

You did such a great job voicing that prayer on behalf of all of us. I feel a connection to all of the ladies there even though I only met a handful of them. It was a blessed weekend indeed.

Patty said...

Thank you for sharing your notes. I am so glad that you all had a great time and I knew w/out a doubt you all would be minsitered to! I know two of the ladies in your picture. :) Tammy and Kristi!!

I prayed for you all all weekend and I had you on my mind the entire time. What a special honor to be called to pray.
Love you,

Holly said...

This--"asked me to come down and voice a prayer on behalf of all the ministers' wives for the widow of the slain Rev. Fred Winters"--made me CRY. I still am. Love your heart, Jan. Really, I am so moved by the blessing of you and 1,200 women praying for one another and for this widow, who never thought her life would look this way.

Love you!

rachel said...

Georgia Jan,
I wanted to introduce myself to you all weekend, but just when I mustered up the courage to do so, I ran out of time. You are even more beautiful in real life. And when you lead the prayer I thought all of heaven was going to fall down! You go girl! You blessed me from afar!

Leah said...

Hi Jan,

This is my first visit to your blog but I believe the Lord led me here this morning. I am the director of Women's Ministry for our church here in North GA. I am meeting with one of our minister's wives today and the 6 things that Beth gave you ladies this weekend are things that I believe the Lord wants me to share with this precious one. I am going to copy this list and offer it to her. She is going through discouragement and disappointment in ministry right now. Thank you for posting them.


Julie said...

I was one of many that came up and hugged your neck this weekend. Your blog about your husband just touched my heart. Sometimes I forget (ok, most of the time) that he needs my encouragment just like I need his.
I was so burdened for Mrs. Winters. I wanted so badly for all of us to be with her. The prayer time was awesome, I cried like a baby!
It was great getting to see and meet you in person!

Amy said...

Hey Jan,
Had a blast meeting you!!!! and sharing "such a time as this" with you and 1200 other ministry wives. Just a glimps of what Heaven will be like. I am still filled to overflowing!
Precious, Precious time in my life...and meeting you and the others minsitry wives! It just doesnt get any better than that. All the sacrifice in one room together....AMAZING

twinkle said...

I can just imagine how precious and refreshing that time must have been for all of you wives of ministers. I know you all experience joy and great love, but some aspects of the ministry are not so pleasant. I salute you today, Col. Jan. You are a mighty warrior in God's Army of Minister's Wives. Thank you for serving Him with joy.

Haley said...

I was at the conference, too, and have been trying to find you on here! I actually googled "Georgia Jan blog" and found a link to your blog from The Preacher's Wife blog that I have never read! Your prayer was very powerful at the conference. Thank you for being such a wonderful example to us "new" minister's wives. My husband is in seminary right now at an extension center through New Orleans in GA at Johnson Ferry Baptist working on his M Div in Worship Studies and has been called to youth ministry, as well. We're actually looking for a place to serve right now. If y'all hear of anything in the GA area I would love for you to let me know! Hop on over to my blog sometime :-)

Natalie said...

Hi Jan!! I was so glad to meet you at the conference. What a wonderful prayer you led us in for Cindy Winters. All of us were touched with such emotion, you did an incredible job leading us in such a heartfelt prayer for our sister. What an amazing weekend we all shared. I'm so glad I made the trip all the way from California, I'd do again in a heartbeat! And I do believe it will be awhile before you come down off of cloud nine!!! Love & blessings...

Little Steps Of Faith said...

You know, I never have had a chance to experience the hymns and you know what, everytime I hear one it melts my heart...I really love them, and with all the contemporary music now...I feel like they all went away to the past too soon:)

I imagine your prayer was awesome and made people cry...just sayin':)

Love you:)


Kristib said...

It was so great to see you and hug your neck (twice) this past week-end!

I think I got dehydrated I cried so much during your precious prayer.

Like you I got a special "Beth" gift from the Lord. Saturday I was on my knees in front of my pew crying out to God, when I felt someone touch my head and back. I thought it was one of the counselors because right after that a counselor knelt down beside me to pray. I find out that Beth had been the one who laid hands on me. Like you, the Lord has touched my heart through Beth so many times over the years from afar, but to know that she prayed for me specifically is very special!

I know that Beth and you are the real "thing" and I praise the Lord for both of you!

Much love!

The Glenn Gang said...

What a WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL weekend! I'm doing recaps on my blog and just made it through my second session of the preconference. I'm still not sure how to write about all God did in my life during Beth's conference. I'm blown away!!!

I came across your blog from your comment on Travis' blog. Your prayer for Cindy Lee led us all to the throne of God!!! Wow! What a moment!

rachelw said...

Hi Georgia Jan! I know that you don't know me from Adam. My name is Rachel and I was at Beth Moore's minister's wives conference last weekend. I wanted to tell you that when you led that prayer it was truly one of the most powerful, emotional moments I've ever been blessed to be a part that I'll never forget. God bless you!

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

OH my goodness.

First of all - I'm DEVASTATED I wasn't there. I can't even imagine how wonderful it was.. Love Beth's points.

I wasn't there because I was teaching a retreat for our own church women. You want to know the theme? "Stronger..Preparing for the Fight of Your Life" And the visuals we used? The boxing ring. I needed me a pair of those pink gloves! :))

Jesus must be trying to empower His girls with a fighting spirit!

I love you GA Jan!!



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