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Monday, September 5, 2011

My heart is so full of JOY from counting blessings, the wonderful Grace of Jesus! Thanking Him today for this Multitude Monday, a rare and peaceful day off from work, a restful day.

270. A new season of Fall Bible study begins tomorrow and a kickoff brunch was held 2 weeks ago with lots of women attending - excited about studying God's Word.
271. Two littlest grandchildren sliding down slides...they are strong and healthy and I am so thankful.
272. A pretty little cat has taken up at the farm...I hope she stays...outside for sure! :)
273. My daughter-in-law Carrie sent a video of grandson Zeke singing a song he wrote, "Every Day We Go to Church..."  I've watched it dozens of times. So thankful she shared it with me!
274. Another video sent to me by my son of Zeke asking "Gran Jan, can I spend the night with you? I really want to..."
275. Zeke spending the night...pizza, popcorn and Charlotte's Web... I really wanted him to!
276. Celebrating my son's 30th birthday last Monday with this post.  Lots of memories of a fine son. God's Grace multiplied.
277. Thankful for Jeremy's wife, who also celebrated a birthday last week...she is a gift to our family.
278. The whole family for lunch on Saturday. I love to cook for them and we had grilled pork tenderloin, hasbrown casserole (recipe here), butter peas, collard greens from my garden (frozen last winter), and these delicious cheese muffins from The Pioneer Woman. I left out the sugar and used self-rising flour. My Dad ate two plates full and that blessed me so much.
279. My two sweet daughters-in-law blowing bubbles for the babies after lunch. They are both so tall and thin...beautiful...one blonde, one brunette, both long prayed for...
280. Three sweet grandbabies chasing those bubbles...it just doesn't get any sweeter!
281. My daughter-in-law Erin worked so HARD to get a picture of these 3...it is nigh impossible...but I love her for trying!
282. Chocolate-face Jackson...eating his momma's mini cupcakes!
283. A pot of chili simmering on the stove all day on this wonderful Monday off from work...my husband said it was the best ever.  I love to cook, have I mentioned that? :)
284. More material for more quilts...these are called "Charm Packs," and every square is 5" and represents all the fabric in a particular line. They make quilting fun and easy because all the fabric blends together...the pink butterflies will be for my granddaughter Madie.
285. I finished Erin's quilt and gave it to her two weeks ago. She loved all the colors and I hope she enjoys some long naps this fall and winter under her cozy quilt.
286. Just finished Jackson's "John Deere" quilt top about 3 hours ago. I rode my bike next door to my mom's house and hung it on her clothesline so I could take a picture. I can't wait to quilt it. (Zeke picked out the fabric for his John Deere quilt while he was here...)
287. Yesterday our interim pastor Bro. Joel Southerland, brought a message from Job 1:20-22 and I loved this quote..."In the storms of life, our REACTION determines our RECOVERY." I want my reactions to be right, Spirit-filled, and for His glory. It was a great message.
Count your blessings,
 name them one by one...
and it will surprise you
what the Lord has done!

4 Responses:

Patty said...

I always enjoy reading your lists. The pictures of your precious grandbabies were my favorite part! Your quilts are beautiful. I also made chili for dinner today. It has rained all day and I have relaxed, cooked and even got in a nap. :-)
Love you,

Leah @ Point Ministries said...

Your 1000 gifts posts are such blessings. I love the curly headed chocolate monster. What an adorable child! And the purple quilt--oh my word! I'm a purple girl. You are incredibly blessed, my friend.

jan said...

Those sweet babies are adorable. What a wonderful family time.

Village Sister said...

Thank you Jan for this post - you've blessed my heart in several different ways this morning. I especially appreciate the quote from Rev. Southerland's message.

I live in SC...sure wish our paths might cross one of these days. :)



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