A Mother's Memories - 30 Years

Monday, August 29, 2011

HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY Jeremy! There are days it seems like only yesterday since that hot August Saturday night of 1981 when you entered this world and I became a mom. (You were 19 days overdue, but you haven't been late since, and have been busy making up for lost time.) I love your name! Jeremy is a variant of Jeremiah and means "may Jehovah exalt, appointed by God." I believe on August 29, 1981, God appointed you and blessed me by allowing me the privilege to raise you and be your mom. To celebrate your 30th birthday today, I poured over lots of pictures and chose some of my favorites to share.
Four months old...still a UGA fan!
Six months old and you STILL love books...
You still have a winning smile.
You were a great big brother...
and you still are...
You love to tell a story...no matter the location.
You love to fish,
and play golf.
You still drive a truck (this was the day you got your license and
I cried when you drove yourself back to school).
You were a good student in Kindergarten...
and high school, and college, and seminary,
and hope to be Dr. Morton in the next year or so...
You've always had great friends...
You still do...
You married the girl of your dreams and we adore her!
You have a precious son and daughter...Gran Jan's JOY!
So on this your 30th birthday...I want to thank you for being a good son, a blessing to our family, a man of integrity. Your energy and zest for life are a delight. Thank you for being a son who honors the LORD, your calling as a Pastor, your wife, and your family. You are a JOY. Please never forget that for all of your days I'll see my little boy in the man you've become. I know you're grown, but I can't help it, don't want to, don't plan to...because I'm your Mom and don't you ever forget it...I love you son!

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Leah @ Point Ministries said...

What a precious tribute to your son! Happy Birthday, Jeremy and blessings to you, sweet Jan.



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