Meet My Grandson, Master Jackson Evan Morton

Thursday, May 27, 2010

May 2010 has certainly been an amazing month of double blessings for our family! We celebrate and rejoice in the birth of little Jackson Morton just this past Monday on May 24th. He weighed 8 lbs. 10 ozs., and was 20.5 inches long - a beautiful big baby boy! His mommy, my daughter-in-law had a wonderful delivery - short and sweet, thank You Jesus. 

This is Jackson just a few hours after he was born...
What a beautiful family...the brunettes :)
Hmmmmmmm...Gran Jan is also a brunette.
Perhaps Jackson got that dark hair from her too?
This is "Pop," my sweet husband with Jackson:
These are Jackson's maternal grandparents,
my son's wonderful in-laws.
 Jackson is their first grandchild
and they are so very excited!
My baby boy watching his baby boy in the nursery...
This is a blanket I made for Jackson that my
daughter-in-law brought to the hospital with her.
She also wore a necklace while she was in labor
that I had just given to her for Mother's Day.
It was the very same necklace that my husband
had given to me when our son was born.
When I saw her wearing it, I was so very touched...

When we first learned about the double grandblessings back in September and that we would have back-to-back grandbabies in May 2010, I really had no idea how it would be - I was just so thankful and VERY excited. The boys and their wives were even so thoughtful that they paid to have early sonograms so they could announce the genders to us on Christmas Eve. They gave us these stockings wrapped up as gifts and surprised us...this kind of thoughtfulness blesses us every day with these four wonderful children.  

The long-awaited month of May is almost over.  The double portion blessings are HERE and the joy begins.  I want to testify that I am committed to being the best Gran Jan ever. I will love and pray for my grands and I will be there for them - in every way possible. As long as the good Lord gives me breath, I will be there for my family.

Counting my blessings, naming them one by one...Zeke, Madie Ruth, Jackson...

17 Responses:

twinkle said...

I'm in love...
He is so handsome, blessed Jan!
It's seems like just yesterday I was teaching your two boys in Bible school and discipleship training.
What a blessing for your family and you are going to make the best granJan to all three!
He does look like you!
Thank You, God, for these sweet babies. Surround them with love, grace and a deep love for Your Son, Jesus. Give these parents wisdom and joy to parent these treasures. And give these grandparents everything they need to support them. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Patty said...

He is so precious and I love his dark hair! It reminds me of my youngest son, when he was born he had dark hair and a lot of it! I smile and praise God for blessing you with beautiful grandbabies and I have no doubt that you will be the best Grandmother to them!

Joni said...


Congratulations! What beautiful babies!!! Your love for your family is so evident.

I'm certain our paths will cross again. And when it does, I'm looking forward to all that wisdom you can throw my way... : )


connorcolesmom said...

Jackson is so handsome!!
I love the picture of your DIL and Son - beautiful couple
But the picture of you and your son at the window of the nursery just choked me all up!! I am sure it seems like a moment ago that he was the baby in your arms and now he has the baby - WOW!
I am rejoicing with you over all the blessings God has given you!!! Much love

Rhonda said...

So happy for you all! He is beautiful!

a cup bearer said...

Darling! Darling! Darling! And anybody who knows his daddy can say he's already a chip off the old block! Looks just like him!!! May his heart be as large with Jesus, too!

Blessings on you, Jan -- and the whole crew.

HisTreasuredPossession said...

yeah yeah YEAH!! what a cutie. What a proud grandma you must be with 2 precious new babies in your life. And how wonderful to be so close to them. Enjoy every minute!!

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

oh, isn't he just beautiful! I am about 4 weeks away from grandchild #6 !

Just keep that rocking chair going sweet Jan and enjoy that baby sugar!

sister sheri said...

Joy! What Joy! Congratulations!

Emmy said...

Oh Jan!!!! He is beautiful!!!! Know you are about to pop!!!!

Mom of Eleven said...

Oh congrats!!! So precious Gran Jan!!!
Miss you,

valerie said...

He is absolutely adorable!
We found out last Thursday that our daughter is going to have a boy. Due in Oct.
It'll be our first and I cannot wait!
The verse I found on a little outfit says ""O LORD, may your love always protect me." Psalm 40:11
That's my prayer for this little one of mine.
Congratulations Jan!

Lindsee said...

I'm just now seeing this somehow, but I am overjoyed for you all! What a precious, precious boy. I know you have some very exciting times ahead and I can't wait to read about them! Congratulations, Gran Jan! :)

Kelly S. said...

This brought tears to my eyes!! Especially the picture of you and your son looking in the nursery window :) Congratulations....grandmothers are very special. Thanking God today that my children have both of thier's close by.

Enjoy your summer!!

Lora said...

Jackson Evan Morton is beautiful Jan, just beautiful.

I like the blanket you made for Jackson. And how sweet that your daughter-in-law wore the necklace that your husband had given you - sweet!

You are doubly blessed!

With love and thanksgiving,

twinkle said...

Thank you for the comment and for checking out my most favorite blog in the entire blog universe...A Holy Experience.

Read all her postings, even the archived ones. You will be blessed down to your toes!

She does not take comments but you can email her.

Have a blessed day my sweet friend!
Shalom and

Toknowhim said...

What a beautiful baby...



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