Long-Awaited May

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Today marks the first day of a long awaited month - MAY, 2010!  May is one of my favorite months in the garden. This picture was taken just this morning in my garden and is my most favorite rose, "Mr. Lincoln."  It smells so sweet and is big and red and like I said, it really is my favorite...
Long-awaited May is the month our family will add 2 new members...two grandchildren; a granddaughter, Madie Ruth Morton, and a grandson, Jackson Evan Morton.  (Madie is pronounced "May-Dee.")

Both of their names have connections to family.  Madie Ruth's middle name, Ruth, was my paternal grandmother's middle name. Mary Ruth Thomas Maloy was born on May 16, 1896, and my Dad, was the 9th of her 11 children! Two of her children died within a few days of each other during the great flu epidemic of 1918.  She was a woman of great faith and loved the Lord with all her heart.  She was what some would call a "shouting Baptist."  I was embarrassed as a little girl when attending church with her, but would sure love to attend church with her now...

Both of Jackson's names have family history.  Jackson was my husband's great-great grandfather's name. He was born August 3, 1817. We actually have an old newspaper article from 1907 where he was being interviewed.  It says:
 "although nearly 92 years of age, Mr. Morton stands straight as an arrow.
His eyes are keen and he stands 6 feet, 2 inches. His speech is quick, with no waver in it.  He is a "hale and hearty" survivor of Georgia's Indian Wars. 
He was cutting wood when interviewed, and from his looks and activity,
one would not take him for more than sixty years."
Jackson's middle name Evan, is a version of his maternal grandmother's maiden name, Evans.  (I know that was a lot of information, but I like to document things such as this on my blog.)

The following three photos show the journey these two sweet girls have allowed me to capture on film as they have both grown "great with child."

September 2009
February 2010
April 2010
Madie's mommy is in green, Jackson's mommy is in blue.

Gran Jan is most thankful for this long-awaited month of May, and I am counting my blessings.  I cannot wait to meet Madie Ruth and Jackson Evan, and I know that along with Ezekiel Timothy, we are in for some fun times ahead.

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Leah @ Point Ministries said...

Now that little boy is just absolutely adorable. I'd love to kiss those little cheeks. He looks like he is full of life and so much fun to be with.

Thanks for letting us into your "May" world, Jan.

Can't wait to see pics of these two new family members.


Melinda said...

And on the heels of Madie & Jackson, comes Lilli...oh, the joy!

Shouting to the heavens right along with you, darlin' friend (and Grandma Ruth)!

Rhonda said...

So happy for all your family. It will be a big month for you:)

fuzzytop said...

Sweet times.... Love the history of the names, and the article from 1907. Just warmed my heart.


Georgia Jan said...

Hello friends,

I had a sweet comment here from Lindsee Lou sharing in my joy as our family welcomes May and all the joy ahead, and I somehow deleted it while fiddling with my Blackberry.

However...I loved her kindness in stopping by, and just wanted to say "thank you Lindsee! You are so dear to me."

Love, Mrs. Jan

Cindy said...

I enjoyed reading about the history of the babies' names and the article about your husband's great-great grandfather was so neat.

I enjoyed meeting some of your family through pictures, your little grandson is adorable. I know you are so excited as you await the arrival of your two new little ones.

It was nice to meet you at Pappasito's. It was great to meet the people behind the blogs!

Lora said...

I'm so glad May has arrived! So much is in bloom here on the big hill too. I see why Mr. Lincoln is a favorite Jan.

What beautiful names - Madie Ruth and Jackson Evan. I love that they are family names. After worshiping with you, I can see why you would love to attend church with your grandmother. A godly heritage you have Jan. And I love that you actively participate in the service - I feel at home sitting beside you! I'm tickled to hear the history of Jackson's name too - 92 and still cutting wood - wow!

Have a wonderful Mother's Day. I'm so thankful to the LORD for your mother's heart.

With much love,

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

Congratulations....twice! I pray that labor and delivery go perfect for both the moms and both the babies!

Will be looking for pictures after babies get here!

God bless!

Marilyn...in Mississippi



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