Saturday, February 27, 2010

When we moved to the country almost three years ago, I hoped for three things in my new home...a library/study of my own, a big country kitchen so all the family could gather around, and a big pantry!  Well, I was blessed with all of the above, but today I wanted to share pantry pictures. This has been a place of fascination for Gran Jan's Joy, my little Zeke to play!  It helps that he knows the cookies are in there, and now he goes after them. He is 18 months old now and he loves to climb!
He knows exactly where to find the animal cookies!

He needs a little help with the lid...

But has no problem reaching inside for a handful...

And then he actually puts the cookies away!
What a good boy!

All that searching for animal crackers has stirred up Zeke's appetite, so G-Daddy took him outside to check out the John Deere tractor...  As our son (Zeke's father) says, "Nothing runs like a Deere except maybe an 18 month old..."  It took a while to find a tractor that fit, much like Goldilocks in the story of "The Three Bears."

Here's the Papa Bear Tractor, and it is way too big!

Next is the Mama Bear Tractor and it's not quite right either...

But then we find the Baby Bear Tractor, and it is just right!
This little tractor is close to 30 years old and it belonged to Zeke's daddy and also his Uncle Jonathan!  We hope it brings as much joy to the grands as it did to our sons.

Life is good on the farm with Gran Jan's boys...

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Leah @ Point Ministries said...

How precious!! I know you spoil that little man to death.

I love my big pantry too. It was supposed to be a powder room, but I turned it into a pantry and have never regretted it.


Emmy said...

Precious! : )

Life is good on Gran Jan's farm! I want to come visit!

Rhonda said...

This is what grandparetns are totally for...tractors and cookies:) And we are all the better for it!

Mom of Eleven said...

Seeing your name on Beth's blog last night made me miss you! Hope you are doing well. BTW, little Johnny got his John Deere Tractor at age 2. Love this stuff! He got his first camo coveralls from Santa this year. Boys are great! You will love your baby girl too!

Beth said...

GJ!!!! I nearly flipped over these posts! Where on earth have I been????? I hopped over here when I read your comment to mine today and told me if I wanted a virtual tour of your surroundings, come on over. WHAT A WONDERFUL TRIP! Makes me want the real variety. Someday! Your house is even more darling than I imagined! AND THAT CHILD IN THAT PANTRY! Too much to bear!

You are a blast, my dear friend. I sure love you.

Bobbie said...

What a cutie your little man is! I remember you talking about your family at the Fiesta in SA. Love that he even puts the jar away! And the John Deere pics are wonderful! Since we only have an acre, the Mama Deere is what we have, but love all the fun it brings when the gran-girls are with us!

Enjoying your blog! blessings to you and yours, Bobbie

College Station

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Jan, my grandparents lived on a farm in the country and going to visit them was the BEST. I am super bummed that both my parents and my inlaws live in Houston.

My point is, would you like to adopt 4 more grandchildren???

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

Jan, I so loved looking at the pictures today! We have a 15-month old grandson who is crazy about his Granddaddy! Wants to stay right with my hubby all the time. When G-Daddy has him I can hold my hands out and say, "Come to GanMamma!" He will squeeze his eyes shut and shake his little head NO!" It's so funny. But he WILL come to me for cookies! ha

Marilyn...in Mississippi

Lora said...

Oh. my. word. I have missed you! I am so glad you got the *nod* to see our Siesta Mama again. And your lamp lights on your M & M gates are just delightful - oh my, the tree lined driveway, I want to walk with you to get your mail (that is if you walk to get your mail!) And your pantry, I love how you have it organized and to think that Zeke puts the cookies away brings a smile to my face. And your *beary* cute story - I'm going back to look at the map you sent me. I love you Jan.

Little Steps Of Faith said...

I need to come visit myself sometime:) I mean I am only like what 2 hrs away...Any moonflowers yet being grown by Mama Moonflower:)

GratefulinGA said...

Absolutely adorable jan!!

Sherry said...

How precious! I'm sure he loves going to Gran Jan's house! I see you have two more little ones coming soon! How exciting.

What a beautiful place you have! I love the snow pictures. Spring is peeking it's head out around here and I am so thrilled about that!


Kelly S. said...

OH MY! He is a doll. Who knew tractors were so important until I had a BOY :) (I have 2 girls, 11 &8, and then little man is 4). My husband always had tractors but they were just for "work". My father-in-law bought my son, Owen, 3 pedal tractors!!!??? And I don't know who has the most fun with them, Owen or Papaw?

Congratulations on the two new little ones coming...How exciting!
...nothin' like cousins to grow up with :)

valerie said...

That is so cute Jan!
Little Zeke is too darling. :)
I know he enjoys the fun times at Gran-Jan's as tons of memories are made.
P.S. LOVE the pantry!!!!

Holly said...

These are too cute! I so remember climbing thru my own Gram's pantry :) she too left the cookies low :)

Anonymous said...

I AM LOVING THAT PANTRY!! I would come pray in that thing while I snacked!!!!



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