Gazillion Georgia Gals at Books a Million to see Beth Moore!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

My friend Cindy and I trekked (I actually drove) through the cold rain yesterday afternoon to go see my friend Beth Moore at the "Books a Million" in Peachtree City, Georgia.  There were so many women there it should have been called "Books a Gazillion." Beth was kind and gracious to all gazillion of them and she signed books for 3 solid hours...she was precious!

The gazillion gals were there to have Beth sign their copies of her newest release, So Long, Insecurity (you've been a bad friend to us) and I'm sure to also hug her sweet neck and tell her how much the LORD has used her ministry in their lives.  Now, not all gazillion gals at Books a Million actually told me this face to face (about a billion did), but trust me, I know that's why they were there! 

Because that's why I was there...
Beth's wonderful and extraordinarily capable assistant, Michelle, gave the security guy the "nod," so I was allowed to get "behind the barricade" to talk to Bethie.  I actually surprised her and it was so much fun! I wanted to support her because that's what friends do.  Support.each.other.

So, if you haven't yet done so, go get yourself a copy of So Long, Insecurity, and join in the on-line discussion reading group at the Living Proof Ministries blog.  I believe the sign up is this coming Tuesday.  Go here some time on Tuesday February 9th to get the details. Don't be insecure, just do will love it. Trust me.

You can also go to Amazon to get your copy! It won't be nearly as much fun as going to the store and hugging the author's neck, but it will have to suffice for now. Okay?
Blessings to you all,
Georgia Jan

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Three Fold Cord said...

Ms. Jan,
I am patiently awaiting my copy to arrive. I pre-bought the book about a month ago and I am looking forward to joining the LPM discussions.
So good to see you had a such a great time in Houston!

sister sheri said...

Dear Georgia Jan!

Again, it so impresses me that Mama Beth finds such comfort in you! I am so glad she has such women of strength around her... boy, am I missing my 508 new BFFs!

Leah @ Point Ministries said...

Aww, you lucky thing. Got my copy but it's not autographed. See you in April.


Spicy Magnolia said...

So fun that you got to go to her signing and give her a big hug! I've read the first couple of chapters of the "So Long, Insecurity" book and can't wait to get started online with everyone. Have a blessed Saturday!

Patty said...

I bet she was so excited to see you!!! What a sweet surprise! I have my book and I am thinking of going to Nashville this week to see Beth. ;)

Cheryl said...

aw man, I didn't know she was going to be in Ga. doing a book signing. Not that I would have made that trek but oh well!!
I've got to get my copy soon so I can join the online discussion.
Are you going in April?

Yolanda said...

Georgia Jan,

My copy arrived today from CBD.


Emmy said...

What a precious post!

That was why I was there! No doubt about it! : )

She was SO gracious to everyone... acted like we were all her best friends!

Can't wait to go through book with everyone! I am ready for some security!

Love you Georgia Jan! Emmy : )

Holly said...

You have a beautiful heart, Jan. I'm so glad to be called your friend and have been supported and blessed by you.

Love you!

PS Ordered mine through Amazon (with my very own earned money!), because I don't think Beth was coming this direction. Hopefully I can save enough to go to Deeper Still in June in Denver and see sweet Beth.

Sandy said...

I went to Lifeway for my copy and one for my 20 year old daughter who shares Annabeth's birthday, and I posted about it. Just wish I lived close enough to a signing place! Almost want to go to Houston again.

Kelly S. said...

SO sweet :) I love that you and Siesta Mama are BFFs. I've got my copy and can't wait to start it!

Georgia Jan said...

Girls - I am the blessed one to be able to love and pray for and support Beth. She loves all the siestas so very much and you ladies are so precious. I can't wait to go through this study with everyone.

Charlotte - Hey girl! I hope your book comes soon! Houston was marvelous - it truly was.

Sheri - I am missing my 508 BFF's too! Are you coming to ATL to the So Long Insecurity event?

Leah - I can't wait to see you in April! Thanks to you for the heads up on the event - you knew about it before anyone!!!

Spicy Magnolia - you are ahead of me. I just read the first chapter, but it was hard to put down, it is going to be great. I bought a copy for a young woman I am mentoring.

Patty - you would enjoy the book signing. It is fun to watch Beth interact. She is so genuine.

Cheryl - Yes, I am going in April - are you? I hope to see you there.

Yolanda - I miss you! So glad your book came. Can't wait to see you in April!

Emmy - My traveling girlfriend! The only thing that would have made it better is to have been with you and Wendy and Deborah at the book signing too! The "Georgia Four."

Holly - I do hope you get to go to Deeper Still too. I know you would love it so much. I pray God will send you lots of customers (and the wisdom to do all the work). I prayed for you!

Sandy - I love that you got an audio copy - that sounds marvelous! I loved your post about your daughter's birthday tribute.

Kelly - I sure miss you! I love your Tennessee accent. Are you coming with Lora to FBC Woodstock in April?

Love you ladies!

Georgia Jan :)

twinkle said...

Oh Jan! I can hear the squealing now when you two saw each other! I'll bet you bought "24" copies and had her sign it "24" times!

Did you notice on other blogs about the flights that cancelled coming back to ATL the night of the "Fight On The Plane?" We were very blessed to get back home that night instead of our flight being cancelled.

We want to do "Here and Now" as a Georgia Girls retreat! Yes ma'am, we do! Don't you think that would be so much fun...

fuzzytop said...


Do you think the Georgia Four would accept a graft from TN - after all, Chattanooga is VERY close to Georgia... Well maybe not!


Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

How fun! I wish she had been coming to a city near me, but just getting to hug her at the siesta get together 2 weeks ago, was such a joy to me that will hold me for awhile!

You are delightful Jan!

Beth Herring

Sandy said...

I'm back again to thank you for your comments to me on my post and on here, too! Yes, the audio set is awesome. I'm going to have to put the 2nd CD in tomorrow morning, before I start my short drive to work, except that I may have to wait and not get too far ahead of the online discussion. But, it is such a blessing to hear Beth's voice!
I am also blessed by your blog and your smiling face!!!

NikkiPoppins said...

Mrs Jan!
You.Are.Awesome! I love that you snuck up on her. So something I would do! Wish there had been some way to get a pic of her face when she saw you...I'm cracking up just thinking about it!

Counting down to April!
Love you lots!

Holly said...

I want to know more of this "Copius" trouble that caused Beth to laugh! Do tell!

pathfromtheheadtotheheart said...

I am so excited! I have already read the first two chapters. I can't wait to get started with everyone online. And I definitely can't wait for Woodstock!! Hopefully, I can see you and hug your neck for helping me get tickets!

valerie said...

How fun, Jan!!!
I love that you got your book signed and got a hug from Bethl.
I'm just a tad jealous that I don't live close enough to any of the areas where Beth will be doing book signings. I would LOVE to have my copy signed.
I keep hoping she'll come to the OKC area eventually.
I'm actually still waiting for my book to come in the
mail. Maybe tomorrow :/
Love from Oklahoma!

cindy said...

I came to you from Heart Choices. I don't know of anyone who dislikes Beth Moore. May I ask, from reading your blog and the post, I assume that you and Beth are personel friends? How neat.

Georgia Jan said...

Cindy - Good to hear from you! Yes - Beth and I are friends and I love her to pieces. She has done more to encourage my walk (through her Bible studies and the events I have attended) in the faith and love for the Word than anyone on the planet. She is delightful and very genuine - precious woman of faith.

Bless you,

Joni said...

Georgia Jan-

We need to meet in person for the following reasons:

1. I believe we share a "Scooby Doo" radar that is rare among housewives. It is a talent clearly underutilized.

2. I have never known anyone to make an actual citizen's arrest. I would like to study under your tutelage, sort of the same way Karate Kid learned from the wise Mr. Miyagi.

3. We need to discuss the best manner in which to share the title of Beth's BFF. The Word tells us, " do good, to be rich in good deeds and to be generous AND WILLING TO SHARE. (1 Timothy 6:18)

I'm just sayin'.


Little Steps Of Faith said...


I love you. I can't believe I am graced with getting to see you once every year for the last three years:) You are such a blessing to my little world:)
Please pray hard for me to get to the simulcast, the enemy is deadset on destroying the path God has for me right now. SO MANY obstacles, and you know of them, but please pray. I HAVE TO SEE MY SIESTAS:)!!! xoxo!



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