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Thursday, July 30, 2009

This mother's heart is so full of joy and gratitude tonight as I write this post on Gran Jan's Joy. Last night, both of my boys were "back together" at our home church for a special youth service. My oldest son preached and my youngest son led worship. I sat there and just cried with joy to the Lord, so did my husband. Both boys grew up at Second Baptist Church. We dearly love our church, my husband has served on staff there 21 years. Our oldest son has been gone since he was 17 when he began to pastor a church his Junior year of high school...yes.he.did. He is still the pastor of Cross Point Baptist Church and is now working on his doctorate degree from SWBTS. He has always been a great student. My youngest son leads worship in the student ministry here at our home church, and also sings in his daddy's choir. He is a tax assessor, a real estate appraiser. Both boys are married, and our daughters-in-law are beautiful blessings, and we love them.
And of course, little Zeke needed tending to while his daddy preached, so I was happy to oblige. I love him more and more and the feeling is reciprocal...he is starting to reach for me and wants to stay with me, and I love that so much.
It was a great night for our family, one I will cherish and thank God for. One of the most tender blessings for my heart was when Jeremy openly exhorted his little brother for the heart and passion he has to lead worship. My heart rejoices with joy that my boys and their wives are all serving Jesus. You young mothers out there, be encouraged. God is able.
Oh to grace how great a debtor daily I'm constrained to be,

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Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

It has been awhile since I stopped by...but love looking at pictures of your grandbaby....we have a new one that is a month four boys for us...and quiet the eventful summer....

Always enjoy my visits to your blog.

jennyhope said...

Hey mom!! I love this about (as morgan would say) "Brothers." Thank you for adopting this almost 30 year old child!! I love you so! Make sure you get my paperwork notarized. LOL

a cup bearer said...

Great post, Jan. A mother's heart does swell with ... well, pride, doesn't it. I think maybe that's a "pride" God esteems, don't you? Maybe it's because we know our children are who they are in spite of us and not because of us. Praise Jesus!

connorcolesmom said...

I have tears after reading this!
I pray daily for my boys to
1. Love God and serve Him with all their hearts
2. To love each other
3. to have godly wives (one day)

I see all of that and more in your guys - what a joy!!
Much love sweet Jan!

Lora said...

What a blessing Jan, a blessing indeed to cry with joy to the Lord for sons serving the LORD together. And what a tender moment to have Jeremy *lift up* his little brother in the House of the Lord.

This post is so near to my heart because the LORD is awakening Audra's heart about His calling for what he wants her to pursue for work. I just shared with her words (that I cannot get out of my mind) that I heard Henry Blackaby share earlier this year: "God may call both of them to serve together. Have they been alert to the option of ministering together?"

I'm so thankful for you Jan. You bless and encourage my heart with kind and uplifting words on my blog and then when I come to thank you for your kindness, the Lord uses you to confirm even my thoughts. I praise Him for you Jan. Thank you for taking the time to minister to me. Your words are ministry dear one. You are the hands, feet and heart of our Saviour.

With love and tender affection for you,

Jan said...

My heart is so full right now.




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