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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Well...we can breathe a sigh of relief that we are really on our way...the passports came! The first picture is before I even opened the envelope! Flights will be booked next week and that is a serious prayer request from my heart to yours! I am not askeered (scared), I am a-claustrophobic! Seriously claustrophobic. In fact, my "most requested story to tell and act out with lots of drama" is about my trip to Chattanooga and RUBY FALLS back in the day when I was a young woman and certainly knew better than to act like I did. The problem was I did not know that Ruby Falls was an UNDERGROUND waterfall until I got down there...all the way down there in a mineshaft. My, my, my. My husband knew we were in trouble when he saw me laying on the ground, holding on to the tour guide's ankles and begging her to take me back UP! She didn't, and I still suffer today...bless my heart. Anyway, back to South Africa. The flight from Atlanta is around 16 hours, so pray for me. That's a long time to be confined. Any good ideas besides a double dose of Ambien? Love y'all so much! Jan

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twinkle said...

Jan, I know that funny story about Ruby Falls so well! It is probably the funniest story I have ever heard. Seriously.
I am not a happy flyer. I've flown through 55 mph windgusts in Omaha quite oblivious to the danger. No details but we made it safely.
You missed out on the flight from Baltimore after the Patriarchs' taping...through serious lightning on the horizon. My rebel yell when we touched down in Atlanta was more about getting all those women back home safe than making it through the stormy flight.
Be careful and don't pray to see God's Glory on your trip. Okay?
And don't forget our flight home from San Antonio during hurricane storms. My knuckles were so white but that glorious rainbow we saw...WOW. And the company we both had...WOW.
16 hours will go by fast. Maybe you could memorize scripture? Or write a novel? Or take a toddler with you?
I'll be praying that God will hold your plane with His Hand and cover you with His Wings.

Kristib said...

Flew to Kenya a couple of years ago. I will be praying for you. Maybe take along some Beth Moore studies on cd.

Have a great trip!

JM said...

My tips for a long plane flight...sit on an aisle seat. Ask for a drink, get up an hour later to go to the bathroom (go to the one farthest away). As for another drink before you sit down, get up an hour later to go to the bathroom. Repeat until you arrive at your destination. :) Or...another option...stay up about 36 hours before getting on the plane...sleep like a baby. Or...nope...those are my only suggestions.

Yolanda said...

I have no words, other than please continue to give us updates. South Africa? WOW...and for how long?

You are JOY to us, Miss Jan!



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