First Father's Day

Thursday, June 18, 2009

This picture really blesses is my boy and his boy. I love the matching shirts, shoes, shorts...and SMILES! My boy will be celebrating his very first Father's Day this Sunday, June 21, 2009. It is also the first day of summer, the beginning of a new season. This picture marks the beginning of a new season in my son's life too! It is one that he has prayed for and waited for, as God in His providence provided a son for my boy and his wife. They are now a family and are loving every day with this precious gift of a son. I thank my Heavenly Father that He provided His Son for us - making a way for us to have eternal life through the atoning death of Christ, and to become part of the forever family of God!
Blessings to you,

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Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

I love this picture! It just captures the joy in both of their faces.

Isn't being a grandmother (Nana) just the best?

Many blessings,

Holly said...

Do you know? I read this title last night, smiled and thanked God...but I was so close to tears, I knew that I needed to read this today.

I am so blessed by the wrok of God over your family. Praise Him! Praise Jesus!

Happy Father's Day to your son--may his son grow in favor and wisdom and grace.

Yolanda said...

Simply...precious! And a miracle.


Patty said...

Jan, this is so precious and a testament that our God is faithful and what a miracle!! Praise God!

Happy Father's Day to your son!
Love you,

Sherry said...

I hope he had a wonderful Father's Day! Awesome shirts!

Tammy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I was wondering where Beth got that Moon pie shirt...I was like they make those...and she was so cute in it. It just made me laugh and I needed that today. Your blog is a blessing I have enjoyed my tea here. You are a kindred spirit and as you say most important a wonderful Siesta.


Tammy said...

Purple and Jane Austen are definitely a siesta with a heart like mine....I am quite sure Mama Beth is tickled with that moon pie shirt as well.

Sista Staci said...

Hey Georgia Jan!
It's Staci Pealock - I hope you're enjoying our sweet Summer Ga days!
I praying about the Siesta Scripture Party in January - Are you planning on going to Houston?
Hop over to the Sista-hood and let me know your thoughts.

Sista Staci :)

Melinda said...

Hi you darling friend! LOVE that pic of your boys...what a blessing!


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Jan said...


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