Water Baby!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I just had to put up a few pictures of the grandboy. Here he is above with his Mommy, having a wonderful time - he LOVED the water! He has been to swimming lessons already, which is amazing to me, since he is only 9 months old, but they sure do wonders with these little ones in the pool. Here he is, nice and cozy with his Daddy after swimming lessons...monogrammed towel and all:

And here is my favorite one of all..."Chief Morton Mohawk Man!"

I am having so much fun! He is crawling and pulling up and chattering and talking and bringing joy to our lives.

Have a good evening my bloggy friends, Gran Jan

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Sherry said...

How precious! And SO cute! Little ones have a special way of creeping DEEP into our hearts, huh?

Our grandson is 11 mos. and his big sister is 5 years old. Such joys! We kept them for 3 days and 3 nights last week while their parents took some time away for themselves. We had fun!


Yolanda said...

That little precious bundle of joy always, ALWAYS, has such a smile on his face.

What a j-o-y!


Lora said...

Dear Georgia Jan,

Your grandbaby is darlin' - and so happy! Chief Mohawk made me think of what the Salesman would do to our children's hair when he would supervise bath time. Then he'd call me to come with the camera to snap pictures. Sweet memories.

I also enjoyed reading your comment over at LPM blog.

Much love,

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

How completely precious is that mohawk?! What a wonderful Gran Jan you are!

Anonymous said...

Just when you think he can't get any cuter - he does!!

3girlsmom said...

He is the cutest kid ever. I LOVE the bathtub mohawk. I have so many pictures of my girls with silly hair like that!!!

And I predict that he will get away with EVERYTHING at Gran Jan's house. How could you possibly say "no" to that face?

Love you!


Fran said...

yep...he is completely adorable and beautiful. I love that little age. So stinkin cute.

Have a wonderful weekend.
Love you much,

Emmy said...

So precious! Could just eat him up!

Can't wait to hear more about your mission trip! So exciting!

Have a Blessed Day! Emmy : )

Little Steps Of Faith said...

I love you, Mama Moonflower!:) Just had to come over and say so!
How many days?



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