With God As Our Partner

Saturday, June 11, 2011

It takes a groom, it takes a bride,
two people standing side by side.
It takes a ring and vows that say,
"this is our happy wedding day."
But marriage vows are sanctified
and loving hearts are unified
when standing with the bride and groom,
unseen by others in the room
the Spirt of the LORD is there
to bless this happy bridal pair.
For God is love and married life
is richer for both man and wife
when God becomes a partner too
in everything we say and do.
And every home is specially blessed
when God is made our daily guest.
For married folks who pray together are
happy folks who stay together.
For when God's love becomes a part
of body, mind, and soul and heart,
our love becomes a wondrous blending
that is both eternal and unending.
And God looks down and says, "well done"
for now we two are truly one!
(by Helen Steiner Rice)

Gary Timothy Morton wed Pamela Jan Maloy
June 11, 1977
Highland Park Baptist Church
Conyers, Georgia

34 years ago today!



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