Happy Birthday Jonathan!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Twenty-six years ago today, God blessed our family with a gracious gift!  Today, October 22, we celebrate the birthday of our youngest son Jonathan.  I asked myself "where did the years go?", so I began sorting through family photos and selected a few to celebrate Jonathan's journey!  This momma's heart was sure blessed as I reminisced the memory of each picture. God did graciously bless us with Jonathan, which is of Hebrew origin and means "God's gracious gift." 

Dear Jonathan...

Here we are getting ready to leave the hospital in Athens, Georgia...ready to go HOME!
 I've told you dozens of times before, but it was a "record hot day" that day...88 degrees.
I should have realized we were headed for fun times...the picture below was taken
literally minutes after we brought you home.  Check out the dart gun in Jeremy's hand!
You were a beautiful baby and a good baby!  Although you had your
days and nights "crossed up" for the first 2 weeks, once you got your schedule
straightened out, you were a dream...easygoing and laidback.
You were about 8 weeks old in this picture.
You loved your big brother so much, and I'm thankful you still do!
This picture was made while we were at Jeremy's soccer practice.  I love it because
you are wearing a "G.I. Joe" shirt - and those were your favorite toys for many years. 
This was your 5th birthday picture, and may well be my favorite of all times. 
The Olan Mills folks thought so too, because it was on display for a long while!
Your Dad and I loved all the years of T-ball, baseball, soccer,
basketball, track, and football! 
 You've always loved animals, and Beulah the bassett hound was one of your favorite pets.
 Fun times on a deep-sea fishing trip with your friend, Jackie Bell.
You were always taller than all your friends, and
stood 6 feet tall in the 7th grade. 
This is one of the last pictures made of you and your brother when you
both still lived at home before Jeremy went to college and seminary.
Raising you and your brother have been my life's greatest joy.
You always have been a handsome young man. Knowing that you
are also a man of ingegrity means more than anything to me.
 I loved watching you catch the football and RUN like the wind!
Although you've never LOVED school, thank you for being diligent!
This is from your Senior pictures and I've always loved it so much.
 God led you to a fine young woman to marry. 
I love this picture of you and Erin Lee.
 06-07-08 - handsome groom on your wedding day.
 The Morton Four - how blessed I am.
We loved every moment of your wedding day.
I'm so glad you love the family farm and look forward to you and your
brother having fun times here with your children.  
We are so thankful for the heritage we have.
I added this baby picture of you here at the end...
because the one below this one is your son Jackson at the same age.
You have cloned yourself.
 Jackson Evan Morton
You are such a good daddy and there is no greater joy than
watching you be a daddy.
Your precious family.
Jonathan, Erin, Jackson...God is so good!

I love you son! Happy birthday and thank you for being a joy to my heart. Your life is a gift straight from God to our family. Your dad and I are so blessed to have been chosen by God to raise you...you have brought us so much JOY!  And Jackson will be the same JOY for you and Erin as you raise him up in the Lord!  I can't wait! 

Love, Mom

5 Responses:

Leah @ Point Ministries said...

What a beautiful post, Jan. How blessed you are, my friend, to have such a wonderful family. God bless you all as you keep on loving others and serving Jesus.


NikkiPoppins said...

Georgia Jan, such a great birthday post for Jonathan. I love seeing the picture of him as a baby and then his baby now. Boy do they look alike! lol!

Have a wonderful day celebrating!
Love you!

beckyjomama said...

Beautiful ... Just beautiful.

Nicole said...

I love this post and yes, I am totally tearing up! I dont want my kids to grow up and leave!! But...love seeing the fruit of your labor in raising your son. Thanks for sharing! :)

Nicole....I met you at the Scripture Memory Celebration :)

HisTreasuredPossession said...

Mrs. Jan,
Like the others, I was tearing up reading this post. What JOY you have indeed. I pray my boys will grow up like yours, who are continuing to pass along a beautiful legacy with their own families.

Have a blast celebrating!!
much love,



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