Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"Grandchildren are the crowning glory of the aged."
Proverbs 17:6

I started this blog two years ago last month during a time in my life I call the "waiting room" a definite season in my life.  I desperately needed an outlet to share the pure JOY of becoming a first-time grandmother.  Now I am a grandmother three times over!  My sweet friend, Deborah  was so patient and helpful to me in my early blogging days.

Today is the birthday of my first born's first-born...Ezekiel, my first grandchild we all call "Zeke."  For one who never finds herself at a loss for words, I simply cannot describe to you the pure joy that springs from my heart because of Zeke's life. This little boy LOVES life and LIVES with pure joy! 

Here he is trying to catch raindrops on his tongue when a nice summer shower passed through at his birthday pool party Friday night!
More evidence of his joy-filled personality:
Zeke, I love you with all my heart.  You are such a sweet boy, and Gran Jan is not the only one who sees the special way you touch lives.  You love animals, you love music (your favorite song is still "How Great is Our God" by Chris Tomlin), you love books, you love strawberries, you love tractors, and most of all, you love your baby sister Madie Ruth! 

You have touched my heart way down in the deepest parts, places I never knew existed.  I am so thankful for your life.  I can't wait to teach you all that God is teaching me.

Happy Birthday to you Zeke!
I love you,

Gran Jan 

8 Responses:

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

that IS pure joy and i know just what you mean! i have 6 grandbabies myself and there is no greater joy this side of heaven.

My youngest is 8 wks and i am just as smitten with him as the rest!

Zeke is adorable!

Leah @ Point Ministries said...

One day Zeke will know what a gem he has in Gran Jan. He is adorable...just adorable. I could just squeeze him. Thanks for sharing the pics with us.


fuzzytop said...

I am so happy for you Jan! What joy!!!


Yolanda said...

I so get this, totally. I have three grandbabies and I love each one of them so very much. I love hearing them say Grandma, I love when they tell me they love me, I love everything about them. Soaking it up----Yolanda

Little Steps Of Faith said...

I love you, and love hearing about your life:) ALWAYS:)

twinkle said...

I remember those exciting days well, my bloggy friend. I wasn't sure we were going to make it to San Antonio, but we did! Prayed for that sweet mama of Zeke and I was so happy for you. He is a miracle baby and now you have two more blessings straight from heaven.
I love your blog. You have a gardener's heart and a sister's soul for women.
Glad to celebrate with you and your family. God is so good.

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

I was going to say that darlin' child has no idea how blessed he is to have you for a Gran Jan but that is totally wrong - of course he does.

I love you!

Anonymous said...

He is just the cutest thing!! I LOVE the pics! Precious!!! I am sure you spoil him could you not....he is just darling!!



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