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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Last weekend I was privileged to attend Travis Cottrell's live recording concert at the awesome First Baptist Church of Woodstock, Georgia. It was a fast-paced weekend of pure D-E-L-I-G-H-T. I was blessed to stay with my precious friends, Sonny & Mary their residence, otherwise known as the "Govnah's Mansion." :) We had two very special guests join us at the Mansion...Mrs. Beth Moore & Mrs. Melissa Moore Fitzpatrick. They were delightful...understated elegance, mother and daughter, two precious peas in a pod. We laughed our heads off, enjoyed a meal together, and had the sweet fellowship of Jesus all around.

Having loved Beth Moore "from afar" for many years and having facilitated all her Bible studies...currently "Esther, It's Tough Being a Woman," I was so excited about having some face-to-face time with her. Even though I have spent innumerable hours watching and listening to her on CD, DVD, TV...I knew this would be different. To be honest, I was a little jittery inside. I knew for sure that I was going to have a GREAT time...but I wanted it to be a GENUINE time. I wanted to know for sure that the lady IS what she IS and what I felt in my heart that she IS! Praise God, as my spirit bears witness - SHE IS!!! Delightfully real and genuine to the bone. She prayed a blessing over the Perdue home, she loved on their granddaughters, she listened intently as others talked, she came downstairs Sunday morning with her comfy clothes and her black fuzzy houseshoes on and NO MAKE-UP (still gorgeous with flawless skin)! She is no pretense, just precious, polite, and very petite! I don't know why God allowed me, a simple Baptist Pastor's wife the opportunity to spend time this past weekend with Beth Moore, a woman who has done more to encourage my spiritual walk than anyone else on the planet...but this I do know: I thank Him and I receive this gift straight from His Hand to my heart. Thank you Jesus - I love You! And I love you all too!

Georgia Jan

PS: I did not take a single picture while we were together - proof of the great fun and bonding time! But my heart holds the memories and will until Jesus comes...Beth said the same thing!

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Yolanda said...


And I have a STRONG gut feeling that YOU are just like are who you portray yourself to be! THE REAL DEAL!

I love ya, I lova ya, I LOVE YA!

I'm truly thankful for God's gift to you this past weekend.

Lindsee said...

Mrs. Jan! You hold that memory in your heart, sister. What a sweet one it will be!

I am so glad you got to spend much time with her and sweet Melissa. I am sure they were just as blessed!

Have a wonderful Saturday, friend!

Love ya!

Holly said...

I am so THRILLED for you to have some face time with your buddies. That is such a blessing--and there's nothing like some set apart time for all of you--with the pressures of life and ministry. How wonderful that you took no pictures--that means you were too busy soaking up time together. I love those times!

Love YOU, too!

PS I'm about to watch week two of Esther online...I love when God does that--reiterates messages from friends that way like your email to me. Do you know? That has happened to me THREE times this week, where different people shared the same message with me. God is so cool!

Toknowhim said...

I had read the recap a bit from Beth's view on her blog, and you did a wonderful job retelling the story as well.

So many of us feel the same way you do...I don't know how it works, but God has used Beth to change the lives of so many of us around the world... She was the first person I saw (although from afar) that was the real deal...

I liked how you said you were going to enjoy this time as a gift from God... Blessings sweet siesta!!!

twinkle said...

I didn't take any pictures either, Jan. I had my camera and I felt like I was with the paparazzi with the other siestas. They are all card-carrying, camera pros! Gayle even took a picture of her Starbucks drink after the she paid for it at the coffee shop!
I am so glad you were blessed with such a sweet time. No doubt, it was God's blessing on you and our governor. I've always said Beth is our modern day "Paul." He went before many rulers for the cause of Christ. Beth has done the same with our wonderful governor. Thank GOD, Sonny knows the LORD and doesn't have to be persuaded.
Love ya, girl.
Stay glory-minded.

Patty said...

I am glad that God gave such a sweet and wonderful lady, as yourself the pure delight of having a slumber party with Beth and Melissa! God can give us delights that at times, floor us! I can tell from listening to Beth talk about you at lunch that she loves and adores you!! I am happy that Beth got to hang out with a fellow Siesta. It makes me smile. :)
You are so special to me and I pray many more delights and blessings your way!
Love you,

Three Fold Cord said...

I luv the new pictures.
That is exactly how I felt when I met you. Refreshed and full of JOY!

Sherry said...

What a beautiful post!

The Real Thing! That's what we all should be. Sometimes when people are thrust into the limelight and put on a pedestal, they change. God has certainly blessed us with a gift in the form of Beth Moore! It's good to know that you found her genuine! (I knew it! I just knew it!)

Your sweet gentle spirit comes through in your writing. Have a wonderful day!


ocean mommy said...

What a precious precious time! I'm thrilled that God gave you that memory! :)

I have to say I'm a little disappointed that I didn't get to meet you in person and hug your neck Sunday evening!!!

Hopefully God will ordain another time for us Southern Girls to get together!

Have a very blessed week...


Melinda said...

Sweet Jan,

I couldn't be happier for you for that special time you had. I view you as the official Siesta representative and know that, through you, Beth was able to see how much she's meant to all of us in our Christian walks. Truly, I couldn't think of anyone better.

Big hugs to you this day,

Little Steps Of Faith said...

I hold the memory in my heart in meeting you:) - AND I have the picture:)

I am glad you had a good time with Beth, Melissa, and your other friends:) You are a special person:)

And I knew you would see Beth just the way you did:)

Love ya Mama Moonflower:)


Deedra said...

I'm so glad that you were blessed with such a wonderful weekend! I was truly blessed by just the few minutes she came in and chatted with the Siestas! Then Beth totally knocked my socks off when she commented on my blog recount (aka, tallest tale there ever was!) of the day!

Little did she know I was struggling with something and just those few minutes it took her to comment made such a huge difference.

Beth is such an inspiration to so many..... are you! I LOVE your blog!


connorcolesmom said...

What a delight!
God is so good isn't He!
He loves to bring us JOY!

I loved meeting you - you are so kind, sweet, and sincere! Your joyful spirit just lights up a room!
God bless,



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