ZEKE Arrived...He is a Sunday's Child...How Fitting

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Zeke Arrived last Sunday...
What a day it was. He is beautiful and all you grandmothers out there who told me there is "nothing like it" were so right. What an amazing gift. Ezekiel means "God is Strong." God showed Himself strong by bringing this little boy into our lives. We prayed him in...and we are claiming him - he is already turning our lives in and out and up and down. And we are loving every minute...stay tuned...more from Gran Jan to follow...:)

4 Responses:

GratefulinGA said...

Oh Jan, what a sweetie he his!

Yes, life as you knew is changed forever...in the very best way.

What a fun and loving GrandMama you will be!

Such a joy to meet you and Deborah,

Keep singin His Praise Jubilee Siesta!

Little Steps Of Faith said...

So I heard you missed me:)

Congrats on the little one:)

Be Blessed:)


Bridgette said...

Hello Jan!

I've been reading your comments on LPM blog and Siesta Fiesta blog. I met you for just a brief moment but did not get a chance to speak with you. I hope we will have the chance another time. I am also from Georgia and I was also at the Deeper Still conference and was going to try to make down to the front of the stage to meet ya'll but my ride was on the way, and I was afraid I'd hold them up. So, that's twice! Anyway, I just read your comments about you and your friends trip home and how God used ya'll in such an awesome way! That is so cool! Where did that lady get the book, I wonder?
Anyway, your grandson is adorable! I love little babies!

Patty said...

How sweet!!! Congratulations!! I was so honored to have met you at the Siesta Fiesta!!!




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